Hi, my name is Evandro Furtado,
I’m a branding specialist and
creation of visual identity.

Through branding and visual identity creation, I help entrepreneurs to find the perfect graphic representation to demonstrate the essence of their business.

A professional and attractive design brings results and makes all the difference in the consumer’s final choice. It adds value, brings personality to the brand and communicates better, in an easier way.

The branding and visual identity creation process is fundamental for the success of any business in the medium to long term.



Brand management, such as its name, images or ideas associated with it, including concepts, symbols, logos and other visual identity elements that represent products or services.

Art Direction

Execution of visual design of plays, presentations, advertising campaigns or audiovisual products. Combining different elements resulting in the design’s aesthetics.

Social Media

Creation of a concept and aesthetic standard for communication in digital media, helping with content, strengthening the brand image, in order to connect even more with the consumer.

branding e criação de identidade visual

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Do you want to ask any questions? Talk about your project? Let’s get it out of the paper, it will be a pleasure to help you in this process, with my work.